Your Small Business

If you’re reading this, you already know the importance of a website for your small business. Every good website enhances credibility, helps people find you, and promotes your small business through branding and marketing.

But that's not all it does.

What's important to YOU in a web site?

My goal for BeauCreations website is to provide information to help you prioritize your needs. Many small business clients only need a simple brochure web site. On the other hand, today’s savvy web users expect more information and interactivity, including blogs, shopping carts, customer log-ins and feedback forms.

Perhaps you need a multi-phased approach, adding components to your site as your business grows. Maybe you're motivated to do whatever it takes to get more traffic to your site. You might want a consult, in order to determine the best approach. For the budget-minded, a starter site might be appropriate.

BeauCreations can help.
Call or email for a free phone consult: 770-367-4222

My commitment to small business owners is that I will not oversell you on services you don’t need; I will help you find economical solutions that address your needs and make sense for your business.

BeauCreations Web Design, Marietta Georgia

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