Web Design Process

Most web designers work with a schedule that includes “milestones” which are specified in advance.  Some of these milestones are associated with payments.  Here’s how I usually do it. 

  1. Initial consult:  We meet to discuss needs and expectations.  At this point you have no obligation to hire me, but a $60 consult fee is required. This fee is applied to future work, so the net effect is that, if you hire me, the consult is free. 
  2. Estimate: I work up a detailed estimate which tells you the approximate cost and what’s included.  I send this, along with my contract, for your review.
  3. Contract: After we agree on price and scope of work, we sign the contract.  At this time a retainer payment of 30% is due.
  4. Design Comps: Within an agreed-upon time period specified in our contract, (usually 10 business days) I’ll provide one or more design mock-ups, or “visual comps”.  You’ll be able to view them online, so you’ll know exactly what your web site will look like. You'll also see a diagram of the site structure and navigation. 
  5. Finalize Design and Site Structure: You provide any needed feedback on the design, and we make (minor) adjustments until you’re happy with the way the web site will look.  We finalize the site structure and navigation. At this point you “sign off” on the design and site structure, and the second payment of 30% is due.
  6. Construction: During this period, I may require certain decisions, information and especially web content from you. Since we’ll be working together on the web content, there is usually considerable “back and forth” to accomplish our goal.  In order to keep the project moving, our contract obligates each of us, within reason, to not “drop the ball”. 
  7. Completion / Approval: When the web site is complete, you’ll be able to view the entire working site online and request content edits.  When you approve the website, the final payment is due.
  8. Activation: On receipt of final payment, I will activate the web site or move it to your web host server.  You’re “live”!  I’ll also submit your site to the three major search engines.
  9. Edits: I’ll perform minor edits to content at no additional charge for 30 days after completion.

BeauCreations Web Design, Atlanta Georgia

I just wanted you to know, in today’s world of poor customer service, it’s nice to know that I can count on you for excellent and prompt service! You don’t know how much that means to me. I am a satisfied customer and will whole-heartedly recommend you to all who need a web designer.
Zarle Williams,
Petite Plume Press