Content Management Systems (CMS)

What is a Content Management System?

Content Management Systems (CMS) were developed to help multiple people edit a web site - to aid collaboration and reduce confusion when web site duties are shared.

For many clients, however, content management system simply means “a way to edit my own web site”. Here are some options: 

Content Management System (CMS) options

Create a Database-Driven Website

If you want complete control over your content, you need a database-driven web site. Luckily, there are some very good open source options (like WordPress and Joomla!) that will save you the tens of thousands it would cost to customize this solution! BeauCreations can set these up for you. Depending on your needs, the cost may be in the same price range as a “regular” web site.

Install a Blog

When you think about it, a blog is actually a type of Content Management System. AND it's not just for blogging! Blogs work well for news, announcements, special offers, and engaging your users in discussions. They can be customized with your branding, then linked to or completely embedded into an existing website. BeauCreations recommends WordPress open source software for blogs. It has a user-friendly interface for composing your entries or adding links, along with many other nifty features.

You might be surprised at how economical it is to add (and customize) a blog to your website - starting as low as $250.

Create a Custom User Interface

If you have a special need (IE change out a coupon, write up a sales specials, add images), we can customize a user interface for you. This would allow you to make changes to a specific section of your web site. Costs vary.

Get Training!

If you need to edit text on various pages, and you’re willing to learn a few things, I can train you to use the features built into your web host account to make modifications. This may take several hours of training time – fees are reasonable at $50 per hour. If you are not local to Marietta or Atlanta GA, I can arrange to do remote training online.

No time to edit your website?

BeauCreations is happy to do it for you! Please see the website maintenance page.

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