Website Prices

What does a web site cost? 

The short answer is – it depends.  Clients’ needs and budgets vary greatly. That’s why I provide a detailed estimate for each client with explanation of what’s included and optional add-ons.  

Still, it’s hard for you to compare apples to apples without some information up front. Here are some facts that may help you.

  • My current rate for hourly work is $50. 
  • A face-to-face initial design consultation is $75. However, that fee is credited to future work, so it's free if you hire me. No charge for phone consultations (by appointment). 
  • Custom Websites generally start at $1750, since each web site takes over 35 hours to complete.
  • Starter Websites for those on a budget are priced at $950.
  • Third-party add-ons, such as WordPress blogs, PayPal buttons, photo galleries, eNews Capability and calendars start at $250 to install and customize.  I use open source software that’s supported by your web host, which gets you tremendous savings over commercial or custom software.
  • Shopping Cart set-ups (as an add-on to your existing website) generally range from $300 - $800 (not including the web site). Note: Shopping carts invariably involve other third party costs (hosting, merchant accounts, software, etc).

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