Web Design Contract

Like most web designers, I work with a contract.  The contract sets terms of payment and expected time frame for completion.  

Here is a basic summary of points covered by the contract:

  • You authorize me to access your files /server and work on your website.
  • We both agree that any work (photos, logos, etc) that we share does not violate someone else’s copyright.
  • I keep artist rights to work I do, but I give you the exclusive right to use my work on your website, and promise not to use it elsewhere, except in my portfolio.  This applies mainly to artwork and website code. The idea is that you own all the work on your website, but you can’t sell that work to a third party, or use it on another website, brochure etc. without my permission.  This is somewhat standard for graphic artists, web designers and programmers.
  • I’ll keep your confidential information private
  • If I make a mistake I’ll fix it in good faith, but I'm not liable for "loss of business" from that mistake
  • Either of us can terminate the contract at any time, we just have to notify the other in writing.  If the contract is terminated, yo’u’ll owe for work done up to that point, which I’ll turn over on receipt of payment.
Want to see a sample contract? I’ll be glad to send you one if you contact me.

BeauCreations Web Design, Marietta Georgia

Suzi is fair, professional, honest  and no-nonsense!
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