Website Redesign

The Good News

A website redesign can bring your website up to date, give customers and search engines something new to look at, and provide a great opportunity to improve and update content.

The Bad News

From a designer’s perspective, a redesign is simply a new website that already has some content!  In practically all cases, a new design will require new structure and code. Think of it this way:  If you hire someone to renovate your house, wouldn’t you expect them to re-build the problem areas (like rotten wood), rather than just paint over them?

Back to the Good News

Having an existing website gives both owner and designer a starting point – something to modify and improve upon. It also clarifies the scope of the project, which helps create an accurate cost estimate.  For these reasons a redesign can be a more efficient project than a new website.  Costs could be 20 - 30% less than a new website.

BeauCreations Web Design, Atlanta Georgia

The website is developing beautifully. When it is finished we will have a website that we will be very proud of.
Joe Creaden
Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association