Website Templates

A website template is a pre-constructed website, intended to be customized and filled with content by the owner.  There are many website templates for sale at quite reasonable prices, and it is possible to customize them so that they are unique, eye-catching and appropriate for your Marietta small business.

If you’re on a budget, you may get more functionality for the money, because the template may include a photo gallery, Flash animated component or contact form that would increase the cost of a custom website. 

What a Web Designer Can Do to Get the Most from Your Template

  • Assess your needs and choose the right template
  • Modify images and graphics to customize the look
  • Install or integrate extra features which may or may not be included in the template
  • Install the template website properly on your web host server
  • Integrate your other web host features (email, etc) with the template

Why Do I Need a Web Designer if I Can just Buy a Template?

Templates are often marketed to would-be website owners with phrases like “all instructions included”, “just choose your colors and install your logo”,  “no HTML knowledge needed”. 

You may be able to SKIP hiring a designer IF:

  • You are doing a brochure website only AND
  • You do not require additional functionality (blog, eNews, contact form, PayPal “buy now” buttons, etc) AND
  • Your logo happens to be the correct size for the template AND
  • You can accept the color schemes and designs available with no addition of graphics or images AND
  • You already have a helpful web host, and know how your hosting account works, so you can install a web site yourself.

Don’t get me wrong:  Templates can be customized to create a one-of-a-kind website that does what you need it to.  But this requires some knowledge.  Frankly, you need the help of a web designer!

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