Now more than ever, eCommerce provides exciting opportunities to create an online revenue stream. But If you’re planning to sell online, you have plenty of decisions to make.   You need to think about a merchant account, payment gateway, secure server, web host and shopping cart software

Luckily, there are many third party solutions at various levels of cost and service. BeauCreations can help you wade through the hype and choose what you need while avoiding the unnecessary.  I’ll do the homework and help you find the solution that works for you, then get it set up and running.

PayPal Buttons

For small businesses selling only a few products, or organizations collecting dues: A PayPal (or Google Checkout) account combined with "Buy Buttons" is a simple solution. Since the secure checkout service is provided by PayPal on their website, PayPal acts as your payment gateway, merchant account, and shopping cart. I can install the buttons on your website and integrate them with your PayPal account. You'll be able to collect online payments in no time!

Shopping Carts

For medium-sized merchants or those with with many products: You'll probably want a complete shopping cart on your own website. I recommend and work with hosted solutions, including Yahoo!, Go eMerchant, GoDaddy and others. In this case, your website is set up on a web host server (as usual), but the web host is alsoa "one stop shop" for your payment gateway, merchant account, and shopping cart software.

The shopping cart is completely integrated into your web site. The web host charges a monthly fee to maintain software, security and tech support. BeauCreations sets it all up for you and walks you through the details.

Custom Programming

For larger vendors or those with existing shopping carts: Large vendors occasionally need completely customized solutions (I.E. creating new software / code as opposed to working with existing software). This customization should be done by the software vendor or a web developer with expertise in eCommerce.  Not sure?  Give us a ring – I’m more than happy to refer you if the project is outside the scope of my expertise.

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