Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means many things, including sound web design and construction, keyword-rich text and meta tags, "tricks" to get noticed, and legitimate, continuous improvements to your website.

Assuming you already have a good website and have covered the basics, here are are some advanced SEO services offered by BeauCreations Web Design

Keyword Research

Extensive research ensures that you are optimizing for keywords that are pertinent to your products / services, and appropriate to your level of competition.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll help you identify your online competitors and learn from their strategies.

Page by Page Optimization

Did you know that each page on your web site should contain its own customized meta tags? Important pages should be optimized individually for their own select keywords.

Text / Copy Writing

Once keywords have been identified or modified, we can help you re-write the text on the page, to ensure that it’s appealing to both users and search engines.

Link Popularity Analysis

One of the most important factors in your website’s ranking on the results pages for searches (SERPs) is the number and strength of your inbound links. We'll identify and review who links to your website, then recommend appropriate action to correct or improve these links.

Link Campaigns

We can help you create a strategy to go after more (and better) inbound links to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Ever wonder if it's worth paying to get listed or linked? BeauCreations will help you assess the value of these paid efforts. We can also consult on Online Advertising, and help you manage your Google AdWords account.


Detailed analysis of your keyword success, traffic patterns and referral sites is the only way to know if your SEO or marketing efforts are effective. BeauCreations can set up tracking and help you make sense of the results.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Have You Already Done These?

It’s surprising how many web site owners resort to paid advertising without ensuring that these very basic SEO principles are met. BeauCreations does these things for every web site we create.  No extra fees.  No outlandish promises. No smoke and mirrors.  Here’s how it’s done:

  • Properly coded meta tags
  • Properly titled pages and section headings
  • Clean, standards-compliant code with separate files for various types of code (I.E. web content is separated from style sheets and script code) 
  • Judicious use and placement of elements that “confuse” search engines (Flash animation, graphic text, complicated navigation menus)
  • Work with / advise client in writing sensible copy that contains keywords and phrases
  • Get noticed by the three major search engines (via links or site submission)

If BeauCreations builds your web site, these SEO basics will be done properly. You'll then have a solid foundation for ongoing improvements and SEO efforts.

What is a Reasonable Expectation for a Small Website in Terms of Being Found? 

You should be easily found by people who are looking specifically for you. You should show up in searches for your particular field or service in your particular area (I.E. BeauCreations shows up under "Marietta Web Design"). Search engines should have enough information to know you exist, what you do, and that you are "for real".

Want more? Go for the Advanced SEO Services above. 

Or contact us to discuss a customized SEO plan for your website.

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