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Academic Website

SPSU Telecommunications Engineering Technology

The banner image and Flash slide show on this template are customized with client and stock images to visually communicate the exciting career possibilities to prospective students.
Telcommunications Engineering Technology

Content Management System Website

Critter Chatter

is powered by a Content Management System called Joomla!, this web site exemplifies the most economical way to do a large, expandable, update-able website. With some training, my client can now add and cross-reference articles, images, and even advertisements (which rotate automatically).
Critter Chatter
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Manufacturing Website

A manufacturer

of warehouse rack systems, this B to B company needed technical and sales communication throughout the web site. I customized this template with javascript and Flash slide shows, product images and diagrams, and a video on the home page. Base has since merged with Boston Rack; thus the web site is no longer "live".
Base Maufacturing
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Engineering Firm Website

DMD Engineering

Their target audience for marketing includes homeowners, businesses and municipal authorities. The website is clean, well-organized and "friendly". DMD's own photographs are strategically placed to convey their multiple areas of expertise.
DMD Engineering and Construction, Inc.
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I showed the new TCET website to the department. They all clapped! It is being really well received!
Tom Fallon, Ph.D.