Choosing a Local Web Designer

Your choice of web designer is the most important one you’ll make when it comes to your website. You are entering a professional work relationship. If your designer is inaccessible or unresponsive to your concerns, you will not be happy with your website. Worse, you may end up with half a web site and no recourse for completing it. These are reasons to work locally, in Atlanta, with someone you can trust.

No matter what folks tell you, no web designer is perfect for everyone. Personally, I’m not trying to be all things to all people. I am trying to find compatible clients who I can serve well. For this reason I specialize in custom designed web sites for small businesses and organizations. My focus in local(Marietta, Roswell, Alpharhetta, Smyrna, North Atlanta). Whenever possible, I like to meet the people I’m working for.

Why Work with a Small Local Designer?

  • Lower overhead means lower prices when compared to design firms.
  • Consultant, designer, coder and contact person are the same! No chance for miscommunications and lost information.
  • Personal service
  • Build a professional work relationship with someone from your community.
  • After your website is completed, you'll have someone you trust to maintain and update it.

Choose a Big Web Design Firm if...

  • You are a multi-national company
  • You need a 1000 page web site -- yesterday
  • You need a custom-coded database or custom-developed software

Suzi Beaumont, BeauCreations Web Design

I can not tell you how much I LOVE the website!!!! It bowled me over. You two have done such a great job!
Susan Gamlen
Susan Originals