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ORGT Sea Kayaking

Well over a decade ago, a couple of whitewater flunkies decided to try a different kind of boating trip. Instead of dodging rocks on mountain rivers, they wanted to explore the marshes, look for gators, and camp on the beach.

All they had were whitewater boats. They crammed sleeping bags behind the seats and strapped cooking gear on the decks with webbing. They bungeed tail fins onto the sterns in an effort to make the squirrelly boats track in a straight line through waves and wind.

They set off for an undeveloped barrier island off South Carolina. On the way they slogged through hip-deep swamp ooze, scraped over razor-sharp oyster beds, and got lost in the endless marsh grass. Once there they slept with sand in their teeth and mosquitoes in their ears on sleeping bags soggy with salt water.

What an adventure! That was the first ORGT Sea Kayaking trip. A sea turtle came ashore to lay her eggs near camp that weekend! We’ve never seen it since then – though the dolphin and alligator sightings have become almost commonplace.

ORGT sea kayaking has come a long way since then. We have a fleet of boats that track in a straight line and have hatches to keep your camping gear dry. We have an instructional program that teaches paddling techniques, safety skills, and responsible outdoor living. We know the ins and outs of some great places to paddle and camp.

And we’ve learned that the way to the ocean is through the lakes! We love the coast but we can’t always get there. It turns out that lake trips are a perfect way to learn the ropes, test your skills and prepare yourself for more challenging trips. We still plan coastal trips, but usually our paddlers start out by exploring the shorelines and waterfalls of cool mountain lakes.

It takes some time to learn the skills needed to plan safe trips. That’s why we’re always short of volunteer leaders, and always looking for people who’d like to help. We don’t offer as many trips as we’d like to, but there are plenty of ways to get involved in ORGT. The best part is that once you have the skills, you can plan your own trips. At ORGT, students run the show; we do the teaching, buy the equipment, make the decisions and plan for the future.

We’d love to get you out on the water, whether you’re serious about paddling, or just want to try it out. Come paddling with us!